August 21-25, 2017, The Lab Attended The 12th International Congress of Ecology Successfully

August 25, 2017

The 12th International Congress of Ecology (12th INTECOL) was held in China National Contention Center, Beijing during 21st - 25th Aug., more than 2400 scholars from all over the world such as Ameica, France, England, Germany and China participated it. INECOL are the series of meetings of International Assosation of Ecology, which is the largest, most academical and most influential international event focus on ecology in the world, and will be held once every four years.

​We all participated in this global event, and four graduate students from our urban ecological research group also reported their programes on the different sessions respectively.

​The Ph.D. candidate, Conghong Huang, shared his research results on the T3-02 session whose theme is "Building Urban Green Infrastructure for Resilient Ecosystem Services in Socio-Ecological Systems: Theories, Strategies, and Practices". His report is "Analyzing Changes of Urban Green Spaces in 28 Megacities Between 2005 and 2015".​

​​The graduate student, Peng Jiang, shared his research results on the T3-01 session whose theme is "Urban Ecosystem Services, Ecological Infrastructure and Ecological Management Session". His report is "Modelling Social Ecological Systems: Linkages Between Social Economic Systems and Ecological Systems".

​The Ph.D. candidate, Jingyi Yang, shared her research results on the session of Landscape Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. Her report is "The Effects of Future Urban Expansion Trends on Natural Reserves in China", which focused  on the 4 scenarios of carbon emission relative concentration pathways (RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5).

​The Ph.D. candidate, Siran Lu, shared her research results on the T1-11 session whose theme is "Alpine Ecosystem in the 21st Century and Beyond: Structure, Function and Ecosystem Services". Her report is "Abiotic and Biotic factors affecting the Root’s Soil Bacterial Community along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway"

​These four presentations were all recieved the intensive attention in their own parallar sessions.

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