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From left to right, Dr. Jun Yang, Yang Ju, Dr. John Radke , Dr. Lan Mu , Dr. Iryna Dronova.

Lab News 2015

On May 21st, Dr. John Radke and Dr. Iryna Dronova from the Department of Landscape Architecture, UC Berkeley visited the Urban Ecology lab in Tsinghua University. Dr. Radke is a professor in the field of GIS. Dr. Dronova recently joined UC Berkeley as an assistant professor. Her major research interests include remote sensing and urban studies. Dr. Lan Mu, an associate professor in Geography from the University of Georgia also attended the meeting. 

During the meeting, Dr. Jun Yang gave an overall introduction of the research conducted in the Urban Ecology lab. Three lab members then presented their works. Conghong Huang presented his work on producing high-temporal resolution NDVI time series of Beijing by using a data fusion technique on Landsat and MODIS images. Cong Nie presented the initial result of extracting urban surface water bodies from high-resolution satellite images. Huakui Liu showed the results of simulating the impacts of land cover changes on urban climate in Beijing by using WRF model. Dr. Iryna Dronova presented her work on comparing vegetation dynamics and thermal patterns in cities in China and US. At the end, Dr. Radke commented on all presented works and made suggestions for improvement. 

The Urban Ecology lab will keep working on a project funded by the BerkeleyTsinghua Research Collaboration program with Dr. Iryna Dronova. The two sides will also seek other opportunities to develop new research projects. 

  • August 21,2015. Dr.Jun Yang  received a 750,000 RMB grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China to study the biotic homogenezation of urban trees at the global scale.

  • March, 2015. Dr. Jun Yang’s team initiated a new project to look at the homogenization effect of urban environments on woody plants.​​​