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​January 11, 2019, Prof. Jun Yang Gave a Plenery Talk Entitled "From Meranti to Mangkhut : Thinking on ecological problems in urban greening" on the 9th National Symposium for Young Ecologists
January 11, 2019

Prof. Jun Yang gave a plenery talk entitled "From Meranti to Mangkhut : Thinking on ecological problems in urban greening" at the 9th National Symposium for Young Ecologists on 11th January, 2019. The 9th National Symposium for Young Ecologists was held by the Ecological Society of China,  which is mainly promotion for enhancing coopertion and communication among young ecologisits. The theme of this symposium was "The Frontiers in Ecology: Theory, Methodolgy, Technique and Application ". Prof. Jun Yang' s talk mainly introduced how to make a better vegetation configuration to suit urban context and to prevent urban forests from catastrophic weather.